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Erica Baron, Registered Nurse

Erica is from the Sunshine State of Florida. She found that Nursing was for her when she saw the need for safe and client centered care in her international travels. She graduated with her BSN from Grand Canyon University in 2014. Her work has ranged from hospital, home health, and public school to even summer camp and mercy ship settings.


In 2017, she started working at a birth center in Florida and soon discovered that mother/baby care was her passion. Within 3 months of working there, she started her own journey into motherhood. Erica had the privilege of walking out two pregnancies among the mothers and midwives she served in the birth center. She brought two beautiful girls into the world among her birth community and felt so loved and supported through the process.


When Erica is not home with the girls, she is doing what she loves, working in birth and postpartum/lactation. She is trying her best at learning the Spanish language and advancing her lactation certification to become an IBCLC. She is so excited to be a part of your care at Holy Family!

Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Grand Canyon University, 2014


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