Micaela Fernandes, MSN, APRN, CNM, Nurse-Midwife Fellow

While volunteering as a nurse in Tanzania (East Africa), Micaela was introduced to midwifery by local midwives in a low resource setting with limited supplies. After birth the infants were wrapped skin to skin in their mother’s Kanga, an ornate printed fabric that women traditionally wear, and were placed under a light bulb to keep warm after their initial assessment. Eight hours later after resting with their infants on top of them, the mother would leave the clinic to walk miles back to her village with her baby strapped to her chest. The beauty of this experience was overpowering. Micaela also discovered that midwifery was more than just about the intimate relationship between a care practitioner and an expectant mother; midwifery is about policy, advocacy, and education, and it is a profession that needs to be mobilized in multiple socio-political contexts. After nine years of working in an ICU setting as a nurse in upstate New York, New Zealand and predominantly in her home Philadelphia, Micaela changed fields and started working as a labor and delivery nurse while going back to school to become a nurse midwife. At Holy Family, she is thankful to be surrounded by a community that shares her belief system and allows her to give women a transformative experience of birth as a person-centered experience instead of a corporate one. Micaela also enjoys traveling, hiking, art, museums, live music, theater, practicing Spanish, martial arts, barre and meditation. 


Caitlin Bley, MSN, APRN, CNM, Nurse-Midwife

Caitlin is originally from St. Louis, MO and graduated from nursing school in 2011.  After graduation she commissioned into the US Army and worked as a med-surg nurse first, before finding her passion for women’s health.  In 2016, she left active duty, moved to the RGV, and started attending Frontier Nursing University.  Graduating in 2018 with her Masters in Midwifery she started working with a local practice providing care in the clinical and hospital setting.  During this time she started working on her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) and successfully completed her degree in March of 2020.  Caitlin is also an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) and loves helping women and families navigate their breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey. After two previous hospital deliveries, having the birth of her third child at Holy Family was a life changing experience.  She believes birth should be empowering, safe, and evidence based while respecting the families needs and wishes.  

BSN: Central Methodist University, 2011

MSN: Frontier Nursing University, 2018

DNP: Frontier Nursing University, 2020


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