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We provide all of our families with postpartum monitoring and support that extends from the birth center into the home environment. We strongly encourage breastfeeding and promote bonding between mom and baby by eliminating separation after birth. Our nurses and midwives encourage babies to latch on their own within the first hour of birth while providing additional support as needed.



  • Skin to Skin without unneccessary separation

  • Average 6-8 hour postpartum stay at the birth center, with option to stay up to 24hr if desired

  • 2 home visits for mom and baby, approximately 2 days and 1 week after your birth

  • Newborn exams

  • Routine newborn screening tests and medications
    (with parental consent)

  • Breastfeeding assistance and support

  • 24-hr access to the on-call midwife for any postpartum issues

  • 6-week postpartum clinic visit for mom

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