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At Holy Family, we provide one-on-one care throughout labor and birth to promote optimal outcomes for both mom and baby. We allow labor to progress naturally and with minimal intervention. You are free to move around, drink, and eat as desired throughout your labor. In addition, family members (including children) are encouraged to support and participate in the labor/birthing process. We honor birth plans and respect the desires of the laboring woman and her family.

  • 24/7 Access to a Midwife: A midwife is always available to answer urgent questions/concerns as labor approaches and progresses at home. She will also be present on-site to tend to you during active labor, birth, and postpartum

  • One-on-One Care: No one will arrive at the last minute to delivery your baby! Constant, direct care from a CNM and/or RN will be provided to you, from admission to discharge, in a peaceful supportive environment.

  • Freedom of movement: You will not be stuck in bed! You are free to walk, go outside, sit on a ball, kneel against the bed, rock in a rocking chair, squat, or find any other position that feels comfortable to you.

  • Intermittent Monitoring: We regularly monitor your baby using a handheld doppler, throughout labor
  • Water birth Option: Large tubs are available if desired for comfort in labor and to birth your baby, for EVERY client at no extra charge.

  • Skin to Skin: Your baby will be placed immediately in your arms after birth and will not be removed for vitals, bathing, or weighing, until desired. In addition, delayed-cord clamping is implemented.

  • Access to Midwife-friendly OB providers: We work closely with a few different OB physicians at local hospitals for transfers, when needed, for labor/delivery

  • Very Low C-section rate: As of September 2021, our current C-section rate for this year is 7.6%. This means that out of all the patients admitted with us in labor in 2021, including those who transferred to the hospital for delivery, only 7.6% ended up with a C-section. This is compared to the current national average of 31.7%!

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